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New seedling, not sure but think it is one of the four Gloss Boss seeds that a friend gave to me. Otherwise, UNK 2 😁
I tag everything now I wrote on the cups once and everything hot smeared then it was a guessing game until fruiting time.
I tag everything now I wrote on the cups once and everything hot smeared then it was a guessing game until fruiting time.
I keep my seeds divided in various containers and know most of the strains. But some of them are from my brother, which are UNK strains, but the bud was good. Tags are a useful way to keep the plants straight
Apple Sundae - week 4


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It will be really beneficial to my overall project, by having the expanded vegetation grow box. I have two girls in the tent (at 4 weeks), and two in the veg box that will be ready for the tent in the next few days - the LA Kush and UNK 1 - which still need to be sexed.

And, right behind them will be another UNK 1 and a Gloss Boss. From there, I have another LA Kush seed that popped and needs to go in the dirt as soon as the 2 that are headed to the tent makes new space.

Gotta keep that flow going... 😎
Got two plants moved from the veg box to the tent, making room for new seedlings.

While smoking the Sleepy Joe OG, I found a couple of seeds (must have morphed), so I am gonna try popping one of them
Just smoked a joint of the Sleepy Joe OG and sprinkled some kief and crystals into it. I catch one helluva buzz from this strain.

I gave a jag to a friend, and he smoked it with his friends...he said they must have really liked it because they smoked at 8:00 pm and were in bed by 8:30. pm. 😁 Being an 80/20 indica dominant hybrid with 30-34% THC, I get it 💯
I have chronic insomnia associated with my back pain, and some nights I don't get any sleep at all.

So I was surfing through my TV and started watching Discovery. I found a series called "Belushi Growing", which features Belushi's Farm growing weed, operated by none other than Jim Belushi. They have the Blues Brothers cannabis brand and sell to different dispensaries in Oregon where the farm is located. Very entertaining to watch!
When I started this journey, I didn't really plan on going full scale (with a flowering tent) - I had found a couple of seeds from a jar stuff from the local dispensary, and was curious to see what would happen if I popped them and stuck em in the dirt. Hell, it had been about 25 years since I grew a secret garden, but figured I would invest in some equipment/supplies and see what I could do. They were both males... however, not to be discouraged, I acquired a clone that went right to the tent, and purchased some feminized seed to raise and harvest.

I have also met some very cool folks on here, and enjoy sharing stories, photos and entering the BOTM contest (getting to see what my fellow growers are cultivating 😁). I didn't even know this site existed, and accidentally stumbled upon it while surfing the Internet one day. So, glad I am a part of this little community of cannabis lovers!
Did a little research on the Gloss Boss strain, and learned that it is 70/30 sativa dominant hybrid, crossing Glazed Donuts x Baker's Dozen (about 20% THC). It produces buds with thick layers of crystals that looks like frosting. The flavor boasts a blend of tropical fruit with hints of cream and gas. I am looking forward to seeing this baby in the tent (that is, if it's a girl).

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