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This is my favorite flavor
Mixed my new Fox Farm liquid fertilizer made from earthworm castings and bat guano. It takes 4 tablespoons for a gallon of water
The Apples and Bananas seed just broke ground, and waiting for the two LA Kush seeds to pop up
Ey man, so I have only been growing "bag seed" and haven't had but maybe 1 male ever pop, generally fem since it came from a female. Have you ever tried topping and LST? I've been using a 2x2x4 tent a while now and can make 1 plant take up all the space. I've used mylar blankets when I didn't have a tent and they helped alot and cheap. You gave me a good idea for the LED strips so thought I might give you a couple. Lookin good though man!
Thanks! Sometimes I get feminized seeds, but lately just using bag seed. So far, only one male. Yes, I use topping and LST - about a third of my 2x2x4 tent is occupied by a Gloss Boss now. Got the side branches snaked through mesh, gives it a ScrOG coverage. Still have a Sleepy Joe finishing up in a corner, and another Sleepy Joe just out of the veg box

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