I took yesterday off.

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Stoney Bud

Hey everyone! I wasn't able to be here yesterday. A good friend and I were sharing a 800 Meg file across several hundred miles of internet and let me tell ya, that took the entire day! The file is a step by step instruction of how to set up and maintain a hydroponic grow room. It takes you literally from the seed to the smoke of the toke.

I'm looking for a server that can be it's home for downloading. The downloading has to be anonymous for the obvious reasons, and bandwidth will be appropriate for a 800 Meg file.

If anyone knows of a server that can be it's home, that would sure be cool. Please contact me via Private Message, (if you don't know how, just ask), if you know of someone who is willing to talk about free, (best), or pricing of the hosting. If I've got to pay, I'll charge 5 bucks per/download and pay for the bandwidth. The instruction is worth a hell of a lot more than that.

The friend who has seen the flick is on this group. I didn't want to mention his name unless he did so first out of respect for his privacy. If he wants to tell you about the flick, he will. (Hey friend....how about a review?)

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