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Right now it's 65 degrees and the humidity is 52.
I have a sensor in my Pantry, one outside, and the main sensor in my house that tells me what all three temps and humidity levels are.
Outside it's 61 and the humidity is 79😱😁
Everybody that has already paid for Gabagoo or what not will be receiving 2 packs of Gabagoo F4 10pks,
a 10pk of Beast mode and at least 1 other 10pk. A few of you waiting for other things, I'm getting things ready all weekend for a big mailing on Monday.. Most of you will see your cards by Thursday I'd imagine.. ah oh.... Holiday, ok.. Friday or Sat for sure... lol.

Anybody who needs to shoot me their address do so on [email protected] this is an encrypted email account and much safer for sharing such info like this...

Mailing List:
Submarine Girl
Joseph Fontaine
Jan Borrego
I can't wait to do a carty tent run. All gabagoo and beastmode I really have to anyways because veg and flower I'm looking at two diff humidity levels to get better growth and bud density so once everything is done in my twnt time to do one solid grow
This Gabagoo journey has been 15yrs in the making with failures and challenges along the way and I've gotta say... Argo's Gardens has been the driving force in keeping her around by constantly running her in his lineup all these years. Looking at his seed collection he still has seed of mine created back in 2008... he's like my secret vault... hahaha.

Joseph, yours just got mailed I do believe....

And the Chiefs just choked, wife is pissed off all to heck.. so am I, cannot stand the Eagles....
Go Ravens... night all, I'm off to pack up more seeds... ugh
Well, not sure if it's because of running her on 11/13 from seed or not, but her trichomes are amber and purple headed already.... day #74 she came down...

Thanks so much Jan.... sitting here trying to decide what to grow next.... and, I may just fill both tents with autos this run... All feminized and 4 in each tent.... be nice to get back to running autos for a wee bit... nice to harvest every 75 days....
Yes I am kinda enjoying them. They all look awesome but the sour 60. I ruined them somehow. They were fems so I put them in the 3 gal pots. They are tiny. Smell great and very sticky. These are my 4 girls.


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Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but, that's Sour60 for ya. It can come in as a very stunted little sticky
lady... It was my 1st Auto experience. and mine stunted also. But, I was so impressed with how sticky they were I used them to make more seeds and so began the journey to Gabagoo..
It's also not easy to start in a 3gal pot, most people over water thinking they need to wet the entire soil region instead of a few inches away from the stem base 2 or 3 cups only every few days.. it's a challenge.
I highly recommend everybody start in 1gal plastic pots with lots of air holes and why I use Orchid Pots...
I cannot stress enough on this... 1gal pots until they show sex, gives the root ball a chance to form before up potting to the air pruning pot.. a week after you up pot the growth will explode.
I've decided on what to start next after I finish up the last photo period, clean the tents and the fans all need a good tending too..

4 Feminized seeds to represent my Auto Sponsorship by Repins Seeds... Gary has been in and out of the hospital a lot here lately and is still healing up.. so these are for you and by you my brother...

4 - Wang Dang Psudium Pu Tang Fem's along with
4 - Hubba Bubba S1 Fem's..

For the 1st time I'll be following my own advice... hehe. keep it simple and by running 1 strain per tent
hopefully I can dial things in better... time to buy some new pots and find some dang soil... grrrrrr.
HTG pulled out of Fl... no hydro stores in area and the feed stores stuff is always infested with gnats and eggs.... what to do

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