Beans in my salad.

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Jan 11, 2011
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Last night I spent 4 hrs trimming my monster Morning Glory. I was trying to keep her as a mom, but she just got too big. I was able to get a bunch of clones off of her. Most of it looks good, and has a good flavor. When I was trimming some of the bottom, I noticed some light, little fluffy buds, that has some beans, and the development of beans. I know that there is a thread somewhere on here that I have read up on this, but for the life of me know where I saw it. My question is, will the clones end up the same way? Why is it they do this, and would I have to dump the clones? All the top stuff looks good. I think the Morning Glory was either from Flying Dutchman or Barney's Farm. instead of someone having to explain it all, if one could just send me a link to where I can find the info on this stuff thanks.

I would inspect the upper buds as well as it sounds like ya had a hermie...IME..a hermie will only pollenate the surounding bbuds and not the entire plant unless the Nanner is on top allowing pollen to fall on lower buds..and if ya have a fan blowing near it can also spread it more...Most folks find a Hermie undesirable in they garden...and a hermie trait will go with the cuttings..I also dont mind a late hermie if the smokeis Good..Hope this helps

take care and be safe:bolt::bong:
depends on if the plant was stressed before or after the clones were taken, and this is assuming the plant from seed did not have hermie tendencies. Like 4u said, late hermies happen with some strains. Plenty of factors to consider that may or may not be in your hands.

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