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Oct 31, 2007
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Many years ago I had a cut of Stardawg that I just loved. I asked for some recommendations for seeds that might fit my needs of finding something in the same family line. I'm looking for pungent, sticky, dense colas. Something that produces, but maintains a nice structure. All signs pointed to Top Dawg genetics, and after seeing what others were finding in their packs, I was sold.

4'x4' AC Infinity tent
4x Mars Hydro TS1000s
Homemade LP Aeroponics tote
6" AC Infinity t6 fan and filter
GH Flora line 6 part nutrients
Apera PH60 and EC60 meters
Hisense 5500BTU air conditioner piped straight in
Clip-on fans

Dropped 6 seeds in to Rapid Rooters this morning with hopes of moving them in to their netpots early next week when my current grow comes down. I'm hoping for 3-4 females in the bunch (males will be called), and at least 1 keeper mom.

3 of 6 have popped so far. Hoping to see movement on the others in the next couple of days.
As of this morning, only 3/6 have popped ground. I haven't lost complete hope, but I did put 3 additional down in Rapid Rooters, just in case.
Still waiting on movement from 6 of the 9 Fam95 seeds that were dropped. Not looking like they're going to do anything.
I had a little delivery today of 2 feminized Chemdawg seeds that I immediately put in to Rapid Rooters.
Also started 2 more auto feminized wedding cake seeds that have sprouted and will be going in to my soil tent when the current 2 come out on Sunday.
Gonna be a busy next half of the year in my garden! looks like I'll go 4/9 on the Fam95s this round. 3 are above ground, and 1 is just starting to poke through. The other 5 will be tossed at the end of the week if they haven't made movement by then.

Top Dawg Seeds did agree to send me another pack of seeds to replace these ones. I'm not sure what they'll be, but they were posted yesterday. Most likely, whatever they are, will have to wait until next run to get planted.

In the Aero system currently are 3 Top Dawg Fam95 and 2 Chemdawg feminized seeds from Weedseedsexpress (forum sponsor). Will place the 1 other Fam95 in if it sprouts.

Although the aero setup is the same as the last run, the environmentals have changed significantly. This run is in a 4'x4' tent, 4 Mars Hydro ts1000s (total 600w LED), 6" fan and filter (AC Infinity Cloudline t6. NICE fan! and equivalent filter), humidifier for now and dehumidifier when it comes time, 6500btu air conditioner piped in.

I also decided on keeping the soil tent going for another round. I was fond of how the ILGM Wedding Cake Fem'd autos ran last time around, so I decided to give them another run. 2 have been placed in 3g fabric pots with Happy Frog soil. This tent is using all the same equipment as the last run. 2'x2' tent, 1 Mars Hydro ts1000, 4" fan and filter, humidifier, GH nutrients when it comes time.
Let us know about the Beans you got from the sponsor work out. Im curious. Would be great for the site.
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@WeedHopper I sure will. I'm glad to have them. The other seeds are not feminized, so at least I should have 2 girls to run this round. Really hoping that at least 1 of the 3 Fam95s is a girl. Otherwise, this grow might be a bit of a bust!
@kevinn is the forum sponsor and where the Chemdawg fem seeds came from.

I can also recommend ILGM and seed bank for humanity (no link for either because they don't sponsor this forum). Many years ago I use to order from bcseedking, I have to assume that they are still legitimate as well.
I've used ILGM before, but their payment protocol was too difficult. Nice folks.

Goat and Monkey worked out very well, and Homegrown Cannabis too.

Alright, it's time to really start getting this journal going.

In the aero tent are 4 Top Dawg Fam95s. I had very poor germination rates on these (4/9). They're non-feminized, so I'm hoping that I get at least 1 female in the bunch. I also have 2 feminized Chemdawgs from weedseedsexpress (forum sponsor), no germ problems on those (2/2).

Currently the only issue I'm running in to is keeping the reservoir temp in check. I'd like it to be 64f and it seems to hover around 71f, even with ice bottles. I'm seriously considering an aquarium chiller. Until then I've upped the ice bottle regimine to see if I can get it under control.

Approximately day 14, Temp 74f, rh 55%, lights 100% @ 20" distance, pH 5.6, res temp 71f, GH 6 part nutrients according to week 2 schedule @ 600ppm.

I decided to run Wedding Cake autos in the small tent again. I really liked the structure and size last go around, and it's pretty much water and watch grow, so why not? Looks like I have one that's going to go purple very early this time, something I didn't have last time.

Approximately day 17, temp 74f, rh 60%, pH 6.5 water only at this time in Fox Farm Happy Frog.

Also including a picture of Wedding Cake that has been curing in jars since 7/24/21.
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