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Apr 7, 2006
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East Coast
Ok so that one plant we all thought would live is wilted away to nothing barely connected to the roots had another plant fall it's TERMITES I need to figure out what I can use asap that's safe for the plants and will kill them so I don't loose any more plants ideas had a deer mess with the biggest one just ate some didn't knock it over so I went investigateing
Here's a few pics temporary staked the one that fell and I used some lawn and garden insect killer all around them says safe for herbs and vegs and I had one one plant that I seen ants on it and also ants were eating it but it was probably the termites and the ants were like herding them to eat them I guess I rubbed it all on the stem by the ground and spread it heavy around it and they stopped but I'm gonna see if I can get to Lowe's to get some of those how much do they cost not much?
Isn't outdoor growing fun.
I've done hydro and soil indoor and outdoor outdoor captures a part of me like I meant to do it like it's a hobby a passion and I enjoy doing it even when s*** goes wrong plants get messed up it's nature there's no plant or animal that a hundred percent survive in nature not even 80% so just nature outdoor there's something special about it is all I'm going to say

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