Pot or Ground?

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Jul 12, 2005
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Hello fellow growers. I live in South Florida and I started my first outdoor grow this year and its about 2 weeks into it. only 1 of 8 bagseeds germinated so i grew it. I think i planted way late but i still wanna see what happens. The plant is about 8" tall and is currently in a 1 gallon pot. It get about 7 hours of direct sunlight and about 14 hours of light total. It is watered every few days, depending on dryness of topsoil. My questions are these: when should i transplant? When should i start feeding its nutes (20-20-20), and should i re-pot into a 5 gallon pot or transplant straight into the ground?
also when is the approximate time/age when i should top it for the first time.
Transplant it when they become root bound, when you say ground what do you mean dirt? Start feeding from at about 2-3 weeks of veg. I top my plants at about 3-4weeks old.
Transplant within the next week to a container approx. 2.5--3 gal.

Don't top it, it doesn't have enough time to get tall.
And it might not give the plant enough time to repair the damage before it interfere's with flowering.

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