Gmo Grows Chimera #3

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Seed sites have capitalized on the people the same way alt coins have in crypto. Then you have every Bob, Ben and Harry claiming they are growing certain genetics. Not only genetics, but they claim to have specific numbered phenotypes attached to the name. Can they make it more obvious that these names are bogus? I bet they can, lol.
That is the breeder site, the ones who threatened legal action against me for undercutting them. They did self their cut and are now selling seeds. 10 for 400 buckaroos -- what a deal 🤣
Legal action over a weed strain.....I should've copyrighted "sativa" and "indica" years ago. Imagine having every breeder have to pay you royalties lol
Are they as close to the light as it looks?
Hah. Yes they are. I'm out of headspace. Some of the buds are within a few mm of the light. Luckily stretch appears finished and they're only scorching if they physically touch the light. It's been a lot of bending and tieing down this go.

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