4u2...meets Mr Bubba D

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Dec 1, 2007
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Mr. Bubba D
Linage….Mr Nice X Dojo bubba Kush

I want to Thank Freeman Genetics for letting me run his Gear..

Veg 1200 MH and cfls
Flower is 3x4 with 1000Hps
I make my own soil and reuse just add amendments..
Fox Farm nutes along with some teas
I use a Hanna PH meter …everything gets adjusted to 6.5-7.0

On with the Grow!!!

3/16…soaked beans…all 6 beans sunk right away and then floated
3/17….all 6 beans sunk and placed in wet paper towel and on heat mat
3/18…all 6 beans had tap root..one just barely cracked but it did crack…they are all in peat bags..I call these peat bags because they so Dam Big…fills a 16 oz solo cup Dam nere…okay should see heads popping in a couple days now
3/24…5 0f 6 above soil..dug around for last one but didn’t make it.
4/6...Tranfered to 1 gallon pots...

:hairpull: ...I just hate when I resize the pics all to the same size and then this site says some are still too Big..I have more pics comeing












:aok: mind if I pull up a chair :48: I brought this to pass around. Are you planning on doing a SOG?
I am not trying to complain, I know its for certain reasons or whatever but I do not like uploading pics lol by the time I resize then with HP Photo Edit for this mac they look so bad lol, unless its a close one.
Ill be updateing every Week or as I see the need..untill then Take care and be safe












Sounds like a killer cross. Looking forward to this grow.
MosesPMG said:
:aok: mind if I pull up a chair :48: I brought this to pass around. Are you planning on doing a SOG?

Hello Nice to meet you..Please pull up what ever ya have comfy..Let me tell ya a Bit about my setup...I grow in a Shed out back and in sumer I shut down..(heat)...I do flip the entire shed here soon..useually on 4/20..but think Im gonna go till end month give the Ladies a bit more to Grow...and should have 40 plants flowering in shed...Some I plan to move outside by then....So yes I plan SOG in the SHed...thanks again for stopping by...

passing around

take care and be safe
Sounds like a killer cross. Looking forward to this grow.

I think so too My friend...Wish me luck for a couple :Ladies

Oh and btw ur Avatar really freaks me out man....

:rofl:.....you should see the one that DirtyOlsouth made of my Avy...the eyes blink...lol..that was freaky

thanks for stopping by
Be here watching 4u:farm: :watchplant::bolt::bong:
I gotta get me a shed.. and a few more strains to fill it with. You have a mint setup.
Aloha 4u2~ I'mma be checkin in on ur grow; pulling up a chair so I don't miss anything. I'm a Noob, but even I can see you have some nice babies there.. and yes, I hope they are all "ladies" for you!
Lady mojo your way!:hubba: Looking mighty green and lush, keep it up!:cool2:
They look great as usual. Going to pull a chair ( if not mind ) cause yours are only one week older than mines. Can i ?
:ciao: Thanks for stopping by everyone..

bho expertz...you growing out some Mr Bubba D?....
No ... But they are from seed so i can compare growth ... Not the best comparison ( i know :doh: ) but still some comparison from a experienced grower :D

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