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just click on name, then start conversation...
Like My good friend Bubba stated
click on his avatar (name) and this opens click conversation
I read his first post. No information on it..
It's a big yielding plant, shows 3 phenotypes.. most will get them mixed, I'm the only one gifting them in separate phenos.. dd pheno stands for donkey dik due to it's much taller main cola.. seen them go 9ft.
Christmas Tree, due to it's shape.. and the bushy phenotype that I imagine is self explanitory, it's a bush.
Mostly late at night. I think he might be a vampire.
Ah oh... he's on to me.. 1, 2, 3 pot plants ah ah ah ahhhhh..
@Carty if I had known what you was doing I would have sent you both batches of the cs. I got a few others so if yall do this again let me know, I might have some of what yall are looking for.
Probably got them from me years back lol. Do you have any other Celtic crosses.. we are hoping to preserve more of his strains. I have 2 little Celtic Berry seeds... what are the odds of getting a boy and a girl to preserve it huh? Looking for: Celtic Cross, Black Death, Celtic Hash, Celtic Berry, Double Stone... getting ready to contact my guy in Perth, Australia see if he's sitting on any more F2 stock which is where these came from.. I have tons of F4 in AZ, but I'm thinking Pop's mixed it doing outdoor pollen on multiple strains so afraid to add it to this project we just did... 2500 seeds made, 1500 donated.. I got just over 100ea x 3.

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