Crap crap and more crap

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I am also looking at a 20" x 20" tent will fit much better in the closet vs the 24" one I have. Do you think 20" x 20" will be big enough for a veg tent?
Can you just have them live in the closet without a tent? My gut tells me if she is going to do an inspection, it will be in her first couple of visits. After that your bedroom should be off limits. Then back to business as usual.
I take it your MIL would not approve?

Are you in a legal state?

I would tape some pink sexy love hearts all over the bedroom door, closed of course and post a sign so she may get embarrassed if she goes in there. Maybe toss a few “love toys“ right by the door opening if she does happen to open the door to get her attention off the closet. Mom shouldn’t be in your bedroom closet…
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Brilliant....unless mama's a freaky deaky

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