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They make T5 compatible LED lights . They use a bit less energy but I am not sure how much less. I haven’t used the T5 LED’s so I am not a good person to ask about that. T5’s are not as efficient as LED’s but give off very little heat. The cost vs efficiency vs heat vs lifetime vs intensity vs etc is all debatable. I bought the fixtures about 13 years ago when I started growing inside because I was trying to go cheapo. They worked well for me then and I still like the T5’s to veg better but my LED’s are blurple. I don’t like blurple.
I had a change of heart.....again......

I take it your MIL would not approve?

Are you in a legal state?

I would tape some pink sexy love hearts all over the bedroom door, closed of course and post a sign so she may get embarrassed if she goes in there. Maybe toss a few “love toys“ right by the door opening if she does happen to open the door to get her attention off the closet. Mom shouldn’t be in your bedroom closet…
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If you throw some love toys for camo be prudent on which you choose.
for example King Kongs Dong would not a choice
Welp, I live with my girlfriend and her mother owns the home with my girlfriend on the deed. Well, her mom who lives across the country is coming to stay for 1 month. Not at my place but a friends. But she will be here I am sure "examining" her house. I have my 3x3 flower tent in my 5x5 bedroom closet that has a locked door. I can use the excuse that I keep my guns in there and I do not want my son getting in there. My 2x2 veg tent is just in my bedroom in the open. I can shove the 2x2 into the 5x5 closet with my 3x3 tent, but it will be super tight. Not very helpful when trying to attach intakes and exhaust ducting. I don't think I can camouflage the 2x2 enough in my bedroom enough to not raise an eyebrow. I am not sure what to do now. My other option would be to break down my veg tent and wait until she leaves which will totally defeat the purpose of me soaking my Banana Cream cake seeds, I am soaking. I don't know.

I guess another option would be to buy a smaller veg tent, 1.5 x 1.5 to fit into my 5x5 closet with my 3x3 tent, and just break down the 2x2 tent for a later date. Agugughghghgugughghghghgh.
Wow, I camo mine in the garage with all kinds of boring shit but nosy inspections suck

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