King Kandy

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Looks like our plants are close in age. Prob be flowering along with you soon.
King Kandy are photos they will veg at least 6 or 8 week it has not even been 4. I have them on 18/6 light/dark schedule. I put my Lucifer’s Hammer outside today it is breezy and 78 degrees they are loving it. I will bring them on the porch at night for a week or 2 so they can acclimate to the outside. They will stay outside after that. It will be in the 40/50 degree range for the next few weeks. They say our last frost date is 3-31 but it is usually way sooner than that. I believe this year the last frost happened on Sunday. It was just a light frost. We are supposed to have early spring this year and our weather is shaping up just like that. When I leave them outside permanently I will up pot them to a 7 or 10 gallon pot.
These are 6 weeks old today. Big honking cannabis plants they are!. I have up potted. I have topped them I have trimmed them. They love everything. This is a very vigorous strain. I hope the nugs get big and hard. I can not wait to see what these become.
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I put them outside for a few hours today I eill bring them in later Need to get them used to the sun outside. I also found a baby growing under the canopy of cannabis. It was not there yesterday. I watered and have to move them to make sure they all get proper water. They are very thirsty plant and are very big for 6 weeks. Not complaining. Very impressed with this strain and the seed company I got them from. They were freebies and fems from bootlegseeds.

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