gmo Grows Grandaddy Purple (Humboldt Heirloom Cut)

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I have a doofus question; why do I keep seeing leaves with the ends chopped off?
When cloning, it is recommended to trim the fan leaves back(I usually trim about halfway to the stem)to minimize water loss while the clone takes root.
Is that like a booster just at the beginning of veg? I don't recall seeing those cuts on adult plants.
It's a clone thing. Less leaf area to release moisture while waiting to root ....some say it promotes growth... don't know about that?

I've read two different Opinions on that. Some botanist say leave the leaves alone because they suck up more sunlight.
I've done it both ways, doesn't seem to really matter a great deal from my experience. I have had both cut and uncut leaves on clones that all worked fine.

Like most, we are taught things when we begin, and find something that works and works well and stuck with it, because it "works." Maybe some thing's we do don't matter. We still do them because it is part of a routine we feel works...


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